How Emotion Code Release Work can help getting over the loss of a pet.


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Most of us know that losing a beloved pet is just as bad as losing a family member, as a recent study confirmed. Reaching out for help in such a situation is recommended because we often tend to underestimate what is really going on.

About a week ago I was asked to do an emotional release session for a lady who I will call Mary. She had lost a little dog who she had been very close to and wanted help with the grieving process and feeling better about the turn of events. While we got to a point of conclusion at the time, were unable to get her to a place where she felt completely restored to her former self. I suggested that a treatment on the dog might be the missing key.


It may sound strange to think about doing a session on an animal that has passed on but it is helpful to remember that the larger part of us is eternal and that we can carry issues and emotions in our energy system over many lifetimes.

Mary and I got online together late the following night, morning her time. Checking in we cleared a few more emotions for her and then proceeded to work on her little dog Jay.

As I was asking my pendulum about the relevant emotions that could be released at that time my ‘rational head’ kept trying to interfere. It keeps surprising my how obstinate that internal doubter is, that even after so many years of doing intuitive energy work I sometimes have to assert my true self and tell that voice to stand in the corner and shut up!


We kept releasing a mixed bag of emotions, some evidently connected to how Jay’s life had ended – he had to be put down after biting Mary – some going deeper into inherited ones or even way back to tough lives he had lived before.

There was a crucial time in his life with previous owners, around 18 months old, where intense emotions like terror, despair and humiliation needed to be released. When ‘failure’ came up as ‘current’ emotion I had tears welling up, feeling the deep sadness of this little doggie who felt devastated about letting his people down.


Whether I have doubt or not during a session, this is usually the time when it disappears in a puff of smoke. These feelings are too strong and too real to be denied, and I am always grateful when they show up because they give me confirmation that we have truly established contact and are on the right track.

The next feeling little Jay communicated to me was immense gratitude for what his mom and dad had done for him in those last couple of years of his life. I was glad to share the message.

“He really appreciates you for being so kind and loving with him.”

We were both feeling emotional when this statement came through. Even though my role is to be the messenger in this I always feel touched as I am watching the process unfold.


Next came a sense of not being able to take it any more, not having any strength left to fight his lapse into bad behavior. The poor boy was simply exhausted and worn out.

‘Wanting a fresh start…’ That emotion made us both want to cry, and right on cue the corresponding one of ‘Hopelessness’ was released, originating from a past life root event.


After this massive letting go of crucial blocks the next message that came through felt positively heartbreaking:
“It’s all right, mom…”

“Yes, I know,” she said when she could speak again. “But then why is it still so painful?”

“Where is your pain on a scale from one to ten?” I asked.

“Ten,” she said, without hesitation.

I checked with my pendulum and found three very deeply hidden emotions from past lives long ago that had to be released before we felt the session was complete.


We then talked a little about the dog she had when we first met, a beautiful greyhound rescue named Honey. I found out that Honey’s time with her had also been cut short in a quite dramatic way. I had a sense that the two events were connected, however the session had been intense and both of us were tired so we agreed to address the issue next time.

As I wrote the email with the notes from the treatment I realized I had not checked back about the current pain level, so I added the question, asking Mary if she could tell. She replied she didn’t know, that the pain had just ‘sort of disappeared’.


Later I found myself wondering why these things hurt so much. A surprising and interesting thought appeared in my mind by way of an answer. My sense was that was the risk we were taking, that in our love for our animal companions we allow them to break through our shell, perhaps deeper than we do sometimes with our human companions. When our pets leave, especially in such drastic ways as requiring from us to decide over their life and death they crack us open like an egg. They almost force us to give up being safe and rigid asking us to to get in the flow, become ‘fluid’, as we undertake this current, unprecedented shift into our new fifth dimensional reality. It is a labor, or rather, a co- creation of love on both sides. Going through this pain with eyes open holds immense rewards as we expand alongside our hearts.


Witnessing such a connection being revealed in the course of a treatment always feels like a privilege in its beauty and sacredness. Most often the sense of the animal being present in essence and fully engaged is rich and strong. I always come away with a huge feeling of compassion for all that our beloved pets are willing to go through for us and we for them.

And not once in my experience have they left a session without sending deep love and gratitude for their human family no matter what the events appeared to be on the surface.
My respect for them keeps growing every time I do this.





A shift in my reiki practice – let the animals teach the students ~ Caroline Thomas


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A shift in my reiki practice – let the animals teach the students

By Caroline Thomas ~ March 12, 2013

Shelter Animal Reiki Association

saraI remember as if it was yesterday, sitting in a room listening to Frans Steine talk about the city of Paris. This may seem strange to you but what he said was so profound and life changing. He said there is a huge difference between going to Paris and describing Paris. What he meant is that there are lots of information in books on the internet about Paris, which of course you could share but unless you actually went to Paris and experienced it, you would be describing something second hand.

Now you may be thinking what can this have to do with Reiki? It is the same for Reiki as there are many books out there but unless you experience Reiki, your description will only be judged on someone else’s experience. This is so important when you teach Reiki, as you need to use your own experiences to explain. Last September, when Kathleen came to the UK and  spoke about Animal Reiki. It was by using her own experience’s that made her teaching come alive. She was able to draw on all of the amazing understandings she had learnt from the animals and to share it with us. ~ Continue reading

Adopted dog treks 10 miles in freezing cold back to shelter to be with his beloved mate

Adopted dog treks 10 miles in freezing cold back to shelter to be with his beloved mate

By Martha ~ March 18, 2013

Dog Heirs

Ben and Jade are sweethearts
Ben (left) and Jade (right) are canine sweethearts. Photo: Tribune Star

Two stray dogs met on the streets of Terre Haute and fell in love. Ben, a 4.5 year old mixed breed and Jade, a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix were well known in the Indiana community. Good Samaritans made sure the pair had food, but when Jade became pregnant last summer, the Terre Haute Humane Society caught them and brought them to the shelter.

The bonded pair were kept together and when Jade had her puppies, she stayed in a foster home until the puppies could be adopted out. The new mother and father were reunited back at the shelter until Courtney and Jason Lawler decided they wanted to adopt Ben. ~ Continue reading

Bless the Bullys

The Board of Directors in Bluefield, West Virginia have instructed the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would ban pit bulls from the city limits. Bluefield currently has an ordinance regulating the ownership of “pit bulls.” However, the city has continued to experience animal control issues because their ordinance, which targets dogs based on appearance rather than behavior, cannot be enforced.

The city attorney advises a draft ordinance may be ready by the next Board of Directors meeting on March 26.

In the meantime, please encourage the Board of Directors to consider the many options available that will create a safer community without targeting specific breeds of dogs. As they are already aware their current ordinance is not working, ask them to see this as an opportunity to start from scratch and consider an ordinance that focuses on reckless and irresponsible owners, as well as dogs that display certain…

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Reiju and Animals: When, How, and Most Importantly, Why?


Reiju and Animals: When, How, and Most Importantly, Why?

By Kathleen Prasad ~ March 07, 2013

International House of Reiki

We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals… In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendor and travail of the earth.

This quote by Henry Beston illustrates an important point about animals which should be considered when discussing Reiki initiations/attunements/Reiju. (For the purposes of this article, I will use the terms initiation, attunement and Reiju interchangeably.) We must remember that their energetic sensitivities and abilities far exceed ours. This is not because they “practice” (as we must), but rather because it simply is WHO they are, in their bodies on this earth. They are tuned into the language of energy: comfortably fluent and fluid in its ebbs and flows, while we humans must struggle, focus and practice to sense this subtle layer of existence. ~ Continue reading

Puppy Mill Bill Cracks Down on Online Dog Sales

February 28, 2013
Puppy mill dog

Great news! This week members of Congress reintroduced legislation to establish greater federal oversight of puppy mills and online dog sales.

The Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act would require commercial breeders who sell their puppies directly to the public, sight unseen, including via the web, to be licensed and inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Currently, only breeders who sell dogs to pet stores or to puppy brokers are subject to federal oversight.

Many puppies sold online come from puppy mills and are commonly bred in unsanitary, overcrowded and often cruel conditions without sufficient veterinary care, food, water or socialization. While facilities that breed puppies for commercial resale through pet stores are required to be licensed and inspected, breeders who sell directly to consumers, via the Internet, newspaper classifieds or other outlets, are exempt from any federal oversight.

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Cat Trappers Have Perfect Recipe For Catching Bedraggled Dog

Cat Trappers Have Perfect Recipe For Catching Bedraggled Dog

By Laura Simpson ~ February 28, 2013

When volunteers at Richland Animal Rescue learned of a frightened, bedraggled dog living in the shadows of their Michigan community, they decided to call in the big guns…the cat trappers.

Feral cat volunteers who specialize in trapping wild cats for spay and neuter log a lot of time in parking lots and alleyways. It can take many hours for the felines to come around so cat trappers, usually armed with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other, simply watch and wait. It can be pitch black, below zero or 100 degrees in the shade, but trappers have a reputation for staying on site until the job gets done. There are many tricks of the craft, including sometimes disguising the trap to look like a part of the natural environment or using special blends of aromatic bait to lure in even the most resistant of cats, but for this lucky dog, all it took was a little patience and a whole lot of luck.

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Life, the Universe and Everything


If you could only see the ecstatic joy among all of the enlightened company of Heaven as we watch with ever increasing wonder how you rally to this your latest challenge and are indeed doing what so many said you could never ever do. You are coming together, supporting each other in peace, without hatred or aggression, and honing in on the largest prize there could possibly be: Making the shift as One-and-All, leaving no one out who wants to be with it, finding endless ways of spreading the news, including all kinds of different streams and all kinds of different avenues.

You are realising that you are all saying and wanting the very same thing – your freedom to BE what you truly are and experience the wonder, the delight and the bliss of it, forever creating more joy for every eternal heart.

Let us cheer you…

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A Winter Plea – Randy Grim

It breaks my heart to hear about the animals who are out there suffering through this winter season. Randy Grim is a hero who is doing all he can to make life better for the neglected and abused animals in St. Louis. – Allen

A Winter Plea

By Randy Grim

Dear Friend,
It’s hard to believe winter is here again, but it is – and it’s already taking its toll. I’m wrote this plea for help from the shelter, having just returned from rescuing a mom and her puppy. This would have usually made my day brighter, but not this time. That’s because the rest of her litter were claimed by the cold weather, froze, and didn’t make it. She was a great momma but, sadly, just could not fend off the frigid temperature. This is not an unusual situation for this time of year. Continue reading

Sedona the Cat orders a get-away car…

Image Anita and I had a most amazing journey across the Southwest when we set out on an adventure and vision quest in October of 2012. We had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful scenery we passed through, and stopping whenever the spirit led us to get off the hard road. This story is about someone we met along the way.

We had visited the Grand Canyon, and were driving east toward Shiprock, New Mexico, a sacred site to the Navajo. We were about five miles into New Mexico on a two-lane blacktop road, looking for the home of a Navajo medicine man, when we saw a box by the side of the road, next to a dirt road down to some dwellings. On the box was written the words “FREE KITTENS.”

We drove past, but after a mile or so we turned around and went back. It was one of those impulsive decisions, influenced greatly by a premonition I’d had a few days earlier, when I had a visual of us stopping and rescuing a kitten by the side of the road. Continue reading